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Troliu 12000lbs/12v serie XP cu frana in cutia de viteze

Troliu 12000lbs/12v serie XP cu frana in cutia de viteze
Troliu 12000lbs/12v serie XP cu frana in cutia de viteze
Troliu 12000lbs/12v serie XP cu frana in cutia de viteze
Troliu 12000lbs/12v serie XP cu frana in cutia de viteze
Troliu 12000lbs/12v serie XP cu frana in cutia de viteze
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  • Model: Troliu 12000lbs/12v serie XP cu frana in cutia de viteze
  • Greutate: 38.00kg
Troliu auto 12000lbs/12v
Trage 12000 lbs, (5450kg)pe o singură linie 
Motor: 12V  motor 6,6cp
Solenoid 500A
Telecomanda cu fir si fara fir 
Cutie de viteza 3 planetare 
Raport de transmisie: 243:1 
Frână:  instalata in grupul motorului
Ghidaj: role de ghidare
Dimensiuni cablu 26m x9,5mm
Troliu Dimensiuni 582x170x182mm 
Greutate: 38kg
Cutie de comanda cu rele 
Telecomanda cu fir 
Telecomanda fara fir wireless
Carlig cablu otelit 
Cablu otelit de tractare 
Suruburi de montare troliu 
Role  de ghidare cablu otelit 
Cabluri electrice alimentare 1,5M
Manual utilizare 


Troliu auto 12000 lbs seria  XP este conceput pentru a oferi cea mai mare performanță în cele mai dificile condiții atunci când traseul devine greu .
Este ideeal pentru folosire sufa sintetica ,la acest model tamburul nu se incalzeste !!! 
Acest model de troliu este impermeabil
Frana acestui troliu este automata montata in grupul troliului ceia ce face ca troliul sa nu mai scape inapoi !!!




Winch  XP series winches are designed to offer highest performance in the harshest conditions. From its strong 12000lb pull rating, to its extreme-duty sealing, the XP12.0 is the winch you want when the trail gets tough. The main features include


Completely sealed high performance series wound motor, powerful and efficient at high speed, generate the most torque for a given current.


Full load automatic brake installed in the end of gear box house ensures you won't slide backwards no matter what situation you are in. There is no any heat on the drum when winch works under full load. It is ideally suited to heat-sentitive synthetic rope.

T-hand clutch is easy to grip and effortless to operate. It is sealed to prevent water, sand,dust getting into the gear box house.

Wider and thicker bracket bracket are more reliable and stronger.

Modulus Gears are made of 20CrMNTI material, holistic die casting gear box. Harden Steel 3-Stage planetary gear trains comes out rugged and quite planetary gearings with modulus 1.75 rather than modulus 1.5, bigger tooth which is stronger and more reliable



Rated line pull: 12,000 lbs, (5450 kg) single-line

Motor: 12V DC 6.6HP series would motor 

Remote Control: Remote Switch, 12’ (3.7m) lead.

Wireless Remote Control

Geartrain: 3-Stage Planetary. Modules 1.75 gears are much more stronger and reliable

Gear Ratio: 243:1

Clutch (freespooling): Rotating Ring Gear. Stainless T-handle

Brake: Full load automatic brake installed in the end of gear box house

Drum Diameter/Length: 2.5’’/8.8’’ (64mm/224mm)

Wire Rope: 85’, 3/8’’ diameter ( 26m, 9.5 diameter)

Fairlead: Roller

Recommended Battery: 650 CCA minimum for winching

Mounting Bolt Pattern: 10.0’’ x 4.5’’ ( 254mm x 114.3 )

Winch Dimensions ( L x W x H ): 22.9'' x 6.7'' x 7.2'' (582 x 170 x 182mm )

Packing Dimensions( L x W x H ): 29.3x 8.3'' x 16.1'' ( 645 x 210 x 410mm )

Shipping Weight: 38kg 


12V DC performance specs (first layer of drum)

Line Pull

Line Speed


Pull by layer




1/12,000 (5450)

2000 (910)

12.5 (3.8)


2/9800 (4450)

4000 (1810)



3/8300 (3770)

6000 (2720)

8.2 (2.5)

230 amps

4/7200 (3270)

8000 (3630)

6.9 (2.1)

280 amps


10000 (4540)

5.9 (1.8)

340 amps


12000 (5450)

4.9 (1.5)

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